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Revolutionary or simply only 0815? That sounds like a pretty good idea. A weight loss remedy that is based on purely plant-based, it promises to at least the advertising.

No, Eco Slim (also Ecoslim) is not that new. In Russia, Eco Slim has been known for a long time. What is new is that the concept has been changed a little bit for the German market. Instead of the traditional form of shower tabs, Eco Slim is now available on the German market in drop form.

Eco Slim is the successor product of Cocolate Slim. A rip-off of dietary powder which also comes from Russia. We have already drawn attention to ChocolateSlim (also Chocolate Slim) in a previous report. Both sides, Chocolate Slim and Eco Slim, differ only slightly from the packaging. Scrolling through the website is a lie until the screen bends - "14 kilos in 2 weeks","slimming without diet","direct reduction of fat deposits" - all this should be possible with Eco Slim. The product is no better than a effervescent tablet from the supermarket. We have taken a closer look at the product Ecoslim, the ingredients and their supposed effect and the advertising statements behind it. As with Chocolate Slim, Ecoslim has designed several variants directly to sell the product strongly.

The manufacturers from Russia market Eco Slim as a fat burner that consists of natural, vegetable ingredients. Fats are to be bound in the body and metabolism is to be accelerated. Not only that, the level of blood sugar should also remain stable.

Even just looking through this mixture does not give you a feeling of confidence.

The best-known ingredient of Eco Slim is chitosan. There is no dietary fibre in liquid form, so something may not be quite right. Most of the slimming products use chitosan, but there is still no evidence of any potential efficacy that is scientifically supported by scientific evidence. The idea is that Chitosan fats bind already in the intestine and see the light of day again in a direct way. It is well known that there are products that have been proven to be much more suitable for this purpose.

The efficiency of algae extract is slightly better. The algae extract cannot help with the fat problem. After all, water can be bound and also excreted with it. If you don't set the standard too strict, you can speak of a weight loss. The actual problem of being overweight, however, is not affected by this. This Eco Slim ingredient is therefore a waste.

In the list of Ecoslim ingredients you can find succinic acid. What one hopes for in Eco Slim by adding succinic acid will remain an eternal mystery. Succinic acid is a very clear flavour enhancer. There is no connection between fat burning and weight loss.


According to the manufacturer of Eco Slim, carnitine is the key to the success of a fast, uncomplicated diet. It is not completely wrong, but only half the truth. It has been proven that carnitine can have a positive effect on fat burning. However, it is kept secret that this alone does not lead to anything, or only very little. In order to take advantage of this positive effect, the complete diet has to be changed. We're talking about a diet plan here. More exercise or even moderate sport contribute to success.

guarana extract

Another ingredient of Eco Slim is guarana. Whether you drink a cup of strong coffee or take some Guarana extract is actually completely irrelevant. The effect remains constant as the highly praised Guarana extract contains caffeine. Caffeine only has a stimulating effect. Even those who pour in liters of coffee won't lose weight.

Jamaican thyme

This alleged active ingredient for weight loss fits better in a gourmet kitchen than in a slimming agent. Never before has a reference been made that would suggest that a weight loss could be achieved.

Here too, the fantasy with the manufacturer seems to have gone a little bit too far. All foods and fruits contain different vitamins. With a balanced diet, the body's daily needs are adequately met. In exceptional cases, however, a body may show deficiency symptoms in the case of tuned vitamins. At best, a doctor can provide information on which vitamin should be administered in case of which deficiency symptoms. With regard to the targeted goal of finally getting rid of unnecessary pounds, the vitamins play no role at all.

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