Slimmer spray™

Slimmer spray is a product containing L-carnitine, considered in recent years to be a molecule "fat burning".

Slimmer spray is composed only of ingredients that are natural entities, does not contain any dyes, synthetic perfumes or genetically modified components. The product is certified and has no contraindications.

Slimmer spray promises to slim down without exhausting diets and difficult workouts, eliminate excess fluids from the body and destroy fat.

More than one million women in Italy who use this product and from the testimonies present some would have lost even 10 or 11 kilos in a month.

The testimony of the nutritionist expert, Dr. Renato F., who speaks of it as a convenient and effective remedy to excess fat.

How do I use it? 10 spray 4 times a day.

It is possible to buy a package of this "miraculous" product only online at a cost of 39 € in promotion.

The site does not contain a list of ingredients but only of the main active ingredients.

Carnitine or L-carnitine in particular is a molecule that is well known to those who try to lose weight. It is considered useful in weight loss because it is found in muscle tissue and has the task of transporting fatty acids to the cells that eliminate them. Hence its fame as a fat burner.

First of all, it should be specified that carnitine is used as a supplement by athletes who follow a controlled diet, often protein during the slimming phase precisely to increase muscle tissue and therefore carnitine naturally present in the body, and who practice a regular and intense sports activity.

Carnitine's efficacy is therefore not assured in cases where this molecule is used without combining healthy physical activity. Any supplement based on natural ingredients is ineffective if not combined with a controlled diet and sport.

There are side effects related to carnitine overdose that should be kept in mind. Symptoms are nausea, diarrhea vomiting and abdominal cramps. In addition, this supplement should not be taken during pregnancy, breastfeeding or diabetes and you should always hear the advice of your doctor, who will certainly know better than a website and direct you towards a path of healthy slimming that preserves your health.

Finally, we remind you that a rapid slimming and not under medical supervision that is not followed by regular physical activity and a diet of maintenance risks becoming a boomerang and making us recover all the kilos lost, and even more.

Slimmer Spray

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